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May 05, 2022 3 min read

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts, my advice is to keep it simple. Maybe I’m stereotyping here, but I know all the men in my life who are really hard-working dads who probably don’t spend enough time taking care of themselves.

Including everything from the classic hardware store gift card to a more unique, custom-made gift card, we hope that at least one of my Top 10 Gift Cards for Dads makes the perfect Father’s Day gift, so they should be easy for you to buy and simple for dad to redeem.

10 Father’s Day gift card ideas

1. Happy Father’s Day Gift Cards

Gift cards from Happy Cards can be used in person only. Use the #BestDadEver gift card from the Happy Card collection at any of the places listed on the card. Dad can go to the hardware store, have lunch, eat dinner, go to the movies, and more.

2. Visa Gift Card or Mastercard Gift Card

Dad can use a customized Visa gift card or customized Mastercard gift card to shop pretty much anywhere. He can keep the card in his wallet for an emergency or spend it on something fun, like a concert t-shirt or bratwurst at the ballpark.

3. Best Buy or Apple Store

It used to be that electronics store gift cards were reserved for geeks. However, now dads can enjoy getting a gift card for almost anything, from upgrading his smartphone to getting a fitness device. Best Buy and Apple Store gift cards can be used for all of that and so much more.

4. Home Depot or Lowe’s

Whether your dad enjoys getting his hands dirty or doesn’t, a home improvement store gift card could be the perfect present for him. Home Depot and Lowe’s carry everything from barbecues to plants to patio furniture for the weekends.

5. Bass Pro Shops, REI, or Cabela’s

Get your man a gift card to Bass Pro Shops, REI, or Cabelas so he can renew his fishing license, get a new pair of hiking boots or upgrade his tackle box on Father’s Day.

Even if dad prefers to dress up than actually venture outdoors, he can always use a sporting goods gift card to pick up casual clothes to wear around the house.

Dads who enjoy playing basketball, baseball, or just watching ballplayers can pick up a Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority gift card. He can pick up a new game gear or a new swimsuit for the summer.

6. Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble

An Amazon.com gift card is just about as universal as a bank card because the company sells everything from Swedish Fish to Apple watches. Seriously. The only thing I don’t consider buying on Amazon is fresh fruit, which they do sell.

Although Barnes & Noble does not carry quite as much merchandise as Amazon.com, dad can definitely use it to download a new ebook or update his music collection. Here’s a tip. Send dad a digital Amazon.com gift card or a digital Barnes & Noble gift card.

7. iTunes, Google Play, or Xbox

A gift card for iTunes, a Google Play gift card, or an Xbox gift card might work for the guy who enjoys gaming or music. Just make sure you check what devices he has before making a purchase.

8. Nike, Champs, or Foot Locker

As with sporting goods gift cards, brand-name sportswear gift cards such as Nike, Champs, and Foot Locker are high in demand on Father’s Day as well. These gift cards can be used to buy game-specific athletic wear or comfortable clothing to wear to the weekends.

9. AMC Theatres or Regal Cinemas

A gift card to the cinema is the perfect gift for dad. Since action films are in season during the summer, dad can enjoy the latest Will Smith or Dwayne Johnson blockbuster while filling up on concessions.

10. Starbucks, Jamba, or local coffee shop

Get dad a minor coffee fix for Father’s Day with a gift card to Starbucks, Jamba, or his favorite local coffee shop. With gift cards like these, a little bit goes a long way.