May 05, 2022 3 min read

During the summer, we’ll all be grilling at home more than ever. Is your grilling gear ready for all the meals you’ll be cooking? For Father’s Day, check out these smart tools, game-changing kits, and marinades that will make all the difference.

Even if he already has the perfect bottle opener to grab bottle caps and grill light to help once the sun sets, there are still plenty of gifts to consider. Here are some of our favorite grilling accessories and tools.

10 Father’s Day grilling gift ideas

1. Spice House Barbecue Kits

There are various spices available for baking, dips and dressings, barbecue, marinades, and much more. The gift boxes are as attractive as elaborate wedding invitations. You can select whatever set fits your needs (even salts if your spice cabinet is already equipped).

2. BBQ Tool Set

A quality grill set from Wüsthof is on sale right now. It includes a turner, fork, basting brush, and tongs. All handles are heat-resistant and have hooks for easy storage, and the stainless steel makes cleanup easy.

3. Pizza Stone

The Emile Henry pizza stone can go straight from the freezer or fridge to the grill, making it easy to prepare ahead. Your father can use it for bread, fish, or even cookies, then wash it in the dishwasher to clean.

4. Grill Frying Pan

Its lightweight, the easy-to-maneuver design gives hard-to-handle produce and meats a great char without sticking to the charcoal grill grate. This is a great gift idea for dads who love grilling.

5. Grilling Gift Box

Send Harry & David’s summer grilling box to the family with all the flavors everyone can enjoy. Add the charred pineapple sauce to chicken, bacon chipotle to ribs, and sweet chili sauce to shrimp or kebabs.

6. Meater Meat Thermometer

The app will estimate how much time it will take for the meat to cook, so you’ll know exactly how many games of cornhole you can squeeze in before it’s done. One probe measures the internal temperature of the meat while the other monitors the grill or cooker.

7. Grilling Apron

It’s helpful to have a few extra pockets while grilling, as the acrylic coating on heavy cotton will resist splashes and stains, and it’s easy to wash and tumble dry as needed. Grab the mini size so the kids can help out.

8. Grilling Gloves

It may be time to upgrade Dad’s gloves if they’re faded, or he’s been using the kitchen oven mitts. The leather glove set from Outset is longer for protecting the forearms and measures a little longer these days for a better fit.

9. The weber Smoker

There are two levels of cooking grates on this Weber smoker, which allows your father to cook four racks of ribs or a chicken in a bottle and wings on top. The thermometer will enable you to stay in the slow-cooking sweet spot of 200-275 degrees. Designed with both an 18-inch and 22-inch diameter to fit your grilling needs, you can easily regulate the temperature using adjustable vents.

10. The Kamado Grill

This is the ultimate tool for grilling and smoking meats perfectly. It’s a smoker, a grill, and an oven all in one. The ceramic interior retains heat and moisture for a wood-fired flavor.