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May 05, 2022 4 min read

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and that can be frightening for anyone who has not set aside any time to shop for him. But don’t worry, because we have a list of must-haves for when dad’s on the job, around the house, or just relaxing on the weekends.

10 Father’s Day tool gift ideas

1. Aluminum heavy-duty utility knife

A good utility knife is something your father could use in his life. This isn’t one of those cheap, plastic, throw-away pieces of crap. The OLFA MXP-AL has a sturdy aluminum handle, rubberized grip, and branded blades.

2. Gerber Compleat

As a kid, we spent every summer camping, but we could have been more organized. Instead of carrying around a ziplock bag filled with old junky forks and spoons, the Gerber Compleat would have been a much better option.

This set features a fork, spoon, spatula, and multi-tool that nest together during transport, as well as a spatula that snaps together with either the spoon or spork to form a pair of functional tongs.

3. Tincup rye whiskey

New for 2021, TinCup has released a 90 proof rye whiskey. It’s made up of a blend of 95% rye from the midwest and just 5% barely. Like its other whiskeys, it’s cut to proof with pure Rocky Mountain water.

While we love the TinCup story and the practical shot glass lid, it’s the bolder flavor profile that’s important to us. It’s smooth, spicy, and smooth with a caramel finish.

When the cup reaches your mouth, expect a combination of tobacco flavor and sweet vanilla aroma. It’s excellent and neat, but we really enjoy it on the rocks.

4. Offroad app

In addition to hunting, ONX now offers an Offroad App for outdoor enthusiasts covering more than 350,000 miles of public roads and trails, as well as 985 million acres of federal lands. Campgrounds, cabins, and points of interest are all included.

The weather conditions are updated daily. You can select the vehicle types you’re traveling with to get the best recommendations. Custom waypoints and tracking data keep your adventure on track.

When there’s no signal, download the maps you’ll need ahead of time. GPS satellites aren’t as limited as cell towers, so you can still keep track of your progress.

5. Thermacell patio shield mosquito repellent metal edition

In 2021, Thermacell will introduce metal versions of its Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent. Available in Rose Gold, Bronze, Nickel, and Obsidian, the new colors enhance your outdoor space.

It uses a combination of fuel and DEET-free repellent mats to provide a 15-foot area free of mosquitoes. It’s perfect on calm evenings when picnicking or dining under the pergola sounds better than eating inside.

6. Kleen kanteen tkpro

Kleen Kanteen TKPro is a plastic-free thermal canteen with double-wall insulation. It has an electropolished food-grade 18/8 stainless steel interior that will not retain or impart flavors. Possibly the most fantastic feature of this canteen is the cup/cap design.

It includes the TK Closure internal thread design, which increases thermal performance, and the cap consists of a 360° pour-through design.

7. Dual combination wrenches

It’s no surprise that mechanical hand tools are a perennial bestseller for Father’s Day because they are valuable beyond just your car. Wurth’s Zebra PowerDrive Dual Combination Wrenches, however, isn’t your regular wrench set.

It has a closed ratcheting head, which we love to have on our wrenches. If your dad has never used ratcheting wrenches, this is going to change his life. This end is also ratchetable, with a mechanism inside. Whether you can access the nut or bolt over the top or not, you still get the benefits of a ratcheting wrench.

8. Rechargeable LED work light

With less than 5 x 7 inches, Southwire’s rechargeable 2000-lumen LED work light offers a lot of light in a compact package.

The built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for 15 hours on low and around 2 1/2 hours on high. It is tripod-ready and has magnets for securing it to ferrous surfaces.

Overall, it’s one of the handiest lights in our arsenal with a size that’s super-easy to carry around in a toolbox or bag.

9. Compact router

Putting an attractive edge on your workpiece without a cord is one of the pleasures of woodworking. Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Compact Router has plenty of power behind its 31,000 RPM top speed.

The variable speed dial and micro depth adjustment are present, as are the M18 batteries that power tons of other tools as well. It comes with an offset and plunge base, so you can give Dad the most out of his system.

This router is sold as a bare tool, so pick up a battery/charger starter kit if he isn’t already using Milwaukee M18 tools.

10. Folding knife

A clip point blade made from CPM 20CV steel offers outstanding edge retention and excellent toughness and corrosion resistance. Tim Galyean chose titanium with a G10 overlay that provides excellent grip, reminiscent of military knives for the handle.

In fact, the entire design draws upon the heritage of the classic KA-BAR with a folding design that’s highly functional as an EDC.