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May 05, 2022 4 min read

A cooking recipe is both a science and an art. We love how the chefs focus on creating the perfect flavor for our craving stomach. The process of mastering a recipe does take time, but there are also some tools available to facilitate it.

Are you familiar with someone who enjoys cooking and is always making something delicious for their family and friends? Do you have no idea what to give them? If so, we’ve got just the gift for them. With so many options, it is hard to know where to start. There are plenty of kitchen gadgets out there for every level of cook. VTH Global Store has compiled a list of the best personalized gifts for chefs and home cooks in 2022!

10 personalized gifts for chefs in 2022

1. Personalized knife roll

Who is your favorite chef at the moment?

Because of their skill in cooking, the person who dazzles you into becoming vegetarian is now the luckiest person on Earth! They have a leather knife roll, not because they have a personal assistant (although that would be nice). A knife roll gift will delight any kitchen enthusiast or world traveler who always seems to leave their favorite knives behind in an unlivable space, like an old hotel room! All the cutting devices are now in one neat roll, secured with safety locks to not get hurt in the process. Featuring a thick leather construction, it will maintain its quality over a long period.

2. Personalized chef knife roll bag

For home cooks and chefs of all levels, the Chef’s Knife Roll Bag is the perfect purchase. You can store a sharpener, paring knife, scissors, and other tools in the eleven slots. Additionally, this bag offers quick and easy storage. Wrapped knife rolls have a rectangle shape and fold inward when folded. It can also be rolled outwards, depending on your needs!

Knives will not scratch, nick, or be damaged by the Chef’s Knife Roll Bag for a very long time while it is inside the bag. With its travel-friendly size, you can easily pack this in a giant suitcase without taking up a lot of space!

3. Personalized chef hat

Why not support the home cook in this way? Appreciate their hard work with a Chef Hat personalized with their name. While cooking meals for the family, they can proudly display them. Will it be your husband, wife, mother, father, or friend? Personalize yours with a name and celebrate their love of food! Our chefs work hard, so please let them know we appreciate their efforts.

4. Personalized baking box

Family members who are budding bakers can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s adorable when they look up at you with big eyes asking if they can help you make cookies. It’s not uncommon for them to bring home flour and sugar splattered all over their clothes! It’s perfect for when you want to bond with your family and have some fun cooking – without worrying about sugar or flour getting on your clothes or home! Everything you need for the activity is included in this personalized wooden box. Besides not having to worry about them messing up your kitchen appliances, you won’t have to do any of the hard work yourself.

5. Custom baking recipe book

A baking recipe journal is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to bake. If you’re a professional chef or have a home kitchen, this book will be helpful. At home, they can fill it out with their favorite recipes. A leather cover not only looks chic but also protects the booklet inside. With multiple paper types, different sizes, and your choice of name, it comes even more customized!

6. Personalized cutting board

You can give this cutting board to your father, a friend, or a cook as a gift. Its unique design will leave him speechless, and he will cherish it for years to come! The engraving makes this personalized gift stand out from others. Using this design and material, your home’s countertop will look beautiful. The gift idea includes a personalized 3D laser engraving that you can customize with his initials and some words. It shows your dad that you care about him. Who knows better than an everyday chef what looks good on them?

7. Custom tea towel

There is always a need for dish towels in a kitchen. This high-quality personalized tea towel (16″ x 24″) is ready to wipe up any kitchen mess. Heavy use and washing in a dishwasher or washing machine are no problem for these towels. Your choice of lettering is printed on a background of any color to match your cook’s style. Whenever you can, let them know how proud you are of them.

8. Personalized stainless steel straw set

Are you tired of straw burglars bothering your favorite cook? The straws from their dishwashers are constantly taken home by their friends, who only return once a month? Oh no! These silver laser-engraved straws won’t let anyone else claim theirs, but a simple stainless steel gift won’t change that. Get eco-savvy with this straw set!

9. Made-in personalized knives

Your chef will appreciate this knife for years to come. This product is hammered from a single rod of nitrogen-treated, premium X50CrMoV15 metal, with a rockwell score of 58-60. It will become the star of their kitchen. Chef knives feature a slightly curved blade to make slicing more manageable and more efficient. Still, they are also great for cutting desserts!

10. Personalized jeep knife with case

A personalized case knife is ideal for any man who loves his Jeep and cooks a lot. Jeep knives feature an authentic, all-in-one design that includes a knife, handy bottle opener, pliers, and screwdriver, all in a case. You can personalize our rustic wood box with up to three lines on the front of the sharp edge near the handle. You can give this as a gift today because it’s guaranteed 100% satisfaction! He deserves a gift that will last until retirement!