10 personalized gifts for horse lovers - VTH Global Store

May 04, 2022 3 min read

If you struggle to find the right present for the horse lover in your life, a personalized gift is a perfect choice. In addition to being sincere, custom gifts make incredible gifts. Equestrians cherish all gifts that relate to horses.

There are various excellent custom horse presents you can get for your favorite horse rider, from brushes to portraits.

1. Unisex personalized horse T-shirts

The majority of equestrians prefer the barn over any other location. It’s comfortable and chic, and you can personalize it with the name of your horse.

It is unisex, so it would make a wonderful gift for any cowgirl or cowboy you know. You can choose from six stylish colors. Whether you’re at the barn or with a group of friends, this shirt will look great.

2. Personalized saddle pad

This monogrammed saddle pad will make you stand out while riding. High-quality embroidery can be used for a single letter or initials.

All-purpose saddle pads are made from durable quilted cotton that looks good and comfortable for your horse. Depending on your taste, there are several gorgeous colors available to choose from. If you know a horse-crazy girl, this would be an ideal Christmas gift.

3. Personalized horse portrait

We are very attached to our horses. Personalized horse portraits are a fantastic way to honor our beloved companions.

Acrylic paint is used to hand-paint each portrait on canvas. Depending on your needs, different sizes are available. A gift like this would be an incredible anniversary gift for someone passionate about horses.

4. Personalized horse brushes

Both horses and their owners will enjoy these brushes, making them a practical Christmas present. Everything you need to keep your horse clean and sleek is included in this brush set.

The brush is hand engraved with your loved one’s initials and one of 56 horse designs. Natural fibers are used in the brushes, and premium wood handles are used. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one brush or the entire set.

5. Personalized horse water bottle

Keep hydrated at horse shows with this colorful, customizable horse water bottle. You can personalize this bottle with a name and one of the six-horse designs.

You can choose the font, bottle color, and font color for this bottle. The BPA-free bottle has a capacity of 24 ounces, which makes it perfect for on-the-go use. It would make an excellent gift for your horse-obsessed daughter.

6. Custom horse stall sign

Custom stall signs are the perfect way to give your horse’s stall some style. The sign features your horse’s name and a portrait of them.

Each sign is hand-painted, providing a realistic likeness of your horse. Available in different sizes are white and light oak finished wood options. A stall sign like this one would make a wonderful and meaningful present for any horse owner.

7. Personalized horse halter hook

Can the barn be personalized in any way? Horse halter hooks custom painted to your specifications!

An artist will hand paint two photos of your horse onto the hooks, as shown above. The artist, Michelle, will even provide a lovely custom note with a message of your choosing.

8. Personalized horse photo gift pillow

This custom horse photo pillow will allow you to hug your horse even when you are at home. The pillow will be printed with a photo of your horse and a selection of backgrounds.

A decorative horse pillow looks great in any room. There are different sizes available, whether you want something small or large. Horse-loving girls will appreciate this unique gift.

9. Personalized horse bracelet

Keep this beautiful memorial bracelet as a personal reminder of your gone but not forgotten four-legged friend.

It comes with the words “You left hoofprints on my heart” on the inside of the bracelet, and you can put the name of any horse on it. Available in a variety of sizes and metals.

10. Custom horseshow sign

Made from wire, this horseshoe sign can be personalized with a name. Perfect for use as a memorial, stall sign, or bedroom sign. It is possible to choose from many different color combinations.