11 Father’s Day car gift ideas for car lovers - VTH Global Store

May 05, 2022 3 min read

If your dad is an automotive enthusiast, then you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift. Whether he commutes to and from work every day or is putting together a garage project, this list covers various gift ideas.

The best gifts for an auto lover aren’t coffee mugs or t-shirts, so rather than get him the usual t-shirt or tie, get him something that will surprise him this Father’s Day.

11 Father’s Day car gift ideas for car-lovers

1. Tire pressure gauge

Even if his vehicle is equipped with tire-pressure sensors, the rubber has to be significantly underinflated for a warning light to appear on his instrument cluster. Underinflated tires decrease fuel economy, safety, and tread life, resulting in a poorer, sadder father.

You should encourage Dad to keep a close eye on his tire pressures with the gauge, which looks pretty cool and even features a light-up readout and nozzle. Even more thrilling, batteries are included.

2. Advanced driving course

Your dad will gain valuable knowledge about the art of turning and accelerating, weight transfer, braking, and more by taking an affordable single-day performance driving course. Some courses require him to use his own car, while others provide a sporty car. Your dad will absolutely love this driving course so much because he will have a chance to drive other types of vehicles.

3. Cell phone holder

You can get him a gift that he will actually use! Car cradles get the phone out of his hand and up to the dash where it is easier to see without being a distraction while driving! Many stores have mounting solutions that fit any car Dad drives!

4. Glove box organizer

Did you know some organizers will keep all those things neat and easy to find? Though organizers are available at many car parts stores, you can easily find your Father a love box for only $10.

5. Food & Beverage Cooler

Taking food and drinks around during the summer can be challenging, especially since vehicles can be pretty darn hot! A cooler designed explicitly for Dad’s car or truck is the perfect solution, plus they won’t slide around, unlike a regular cooler.

6. Car-Cleaning Slime

The innovative goo is the must-have item in any detail-oriented dad’s toy box. This slime, which can also be called glue, gel, or putty, is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach.

7. Baby Safety Mirror

Dads have precious cargo in their cars, so there are unique mirrors that allow him to keep an eye on his child while he’s driving. Just install it on the seat facing the child’s car seat so that he can see him from the rear-view mirror.

8. Cup Holder Charger

Having a charger for dad’s various gadgets is never a bad idea, especially in emergency situations. Cup holder designs are great because they stay out of the way and secure and come in a wide variety of models.

9. Cooling Seat Cushion

It may be the perfect solution to your hot and uncomfortable car seat! A cooling seat cushion can be an excellent help in the summer. However, air conditioning is definitely beneficial in the summer as well. There are many options available, from moisture-wicking fabrics to different levels of cooling and even massage.

10. Emergency car kit

There’s no such thing as too much caution when it comes to driving! Make sure Dad always has an emergency car kit in the trunk! These kits can be customized to offer various tools, depending on the situation, and they come in handy storage bags and cases for easy access!

11. Coverking Seat Covers

Coverking’s custom seat covers are ideal for sprucing up an older vehicle or protecting your investment in a new toy. Add a sporty new look to your ride, or experience the elegant feel of genuine leather, velour, or leatherette.

No matter what style you choose, these covers will be custom-crafted in the USA and come backed by a 1-Year Warranty.