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May 05, 2022 4 min read

Father’s Day is coming soon, but you still don’t know what gift to give to your father. Although you can find many ideas from websites specializing in selling gifts for occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, you wonder what time your gift will be delivered to your parents or not. Don’t worry too much about that. Because right now, there are many last minute Father’s Day gift ideas for dad 2022.

12 last minute Father’s Day gift ideas 2022

1. Personalized T-shirt

When you think of these personalized gifts, the first idea is that it will take you a long time to personalize this t-shirt, then you will wrap the gift and deliver it to the recipient. Don’t worry too much about it as there are now many units that personalize T-shirt products as quickly as possible and make sure they deliver them as planned. These personalized t-shirts are easy to make. You need to pick out the beautiful photos you took with your father to print on these shirts. Or you can print on the shirt the words expressing your love for your father. 

2. Personalized mugs

One of the most popular products used as a gift for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is the personalized mug. These are the styles used to let your grandfather drink tea or hot coffee as usual. The difference is that these customized mugs are printed on pictures you take with your father or the loving words you want to give to your father. 

3. Personalized tumbler

Another popular product that is often given to Father’s Day is the personalized tumblers. With these tumbler products, your father can ultimately hold hot or cold water to serve the needs of making tea, drinking coffee, or bring his favorite drink with him anywhere. Surely your father will be happy to hold these tumblers in his hand so he can be more comfortable on his travels.

4. Power bank

An efficient gift for your father is the power bank. Because you find him always busy with his work and make many phone calls, his battery is drained. At that time, a power bank is a suitable product to dedicate to him on Father’s Day. Surely your father will be delighted and surprised to hold this thoughtful gift in his hand.

5. Garden tools

If your father loves gardening, then these garden tools are a great gift for him. Although maybe at home, your dad already has these garden tools, but you can also buy him a new variety of gardening tools to help your dad. You can save more gardening time.

6. New shaver

A new shaver is probably not a bad idea either. Currently, many brands are specializing in modern shaver lines to help the shaver feel smoother without causing pain during the high process. This is also an impressive last minute gift idea that you intend to give to your father.

7. Technology accessories

If your father regularly works with computers or phones, new computer accessories are also exciting ideas. Some of the technology accessories that you can refer to for your father on this year’s Father’s Day are laptop racks, phone racks, or other accessories to serve computing needs and make your father’s work more efficient.

8. Bluetooth speaker

If your dad has a habit of listening to music or wants to help him have a better audio experience, you can choose Bluetooth speakers. Many Bluetooth speakers from famous brands such as Sony, JBL, and Marshall have excellent sound quality for your father to listen to top music.

9. Plant seeds

If your father is a professional gardener, his greatest joy is discovering new plant seeds to enrich the family garden. Or, if you cannot know exactly which sources are suitable for home soil conditions, you can re-select the seeds of the plants your father is growing at home. 

10. Smartband

It’s time your dad needs accessories such as a sports strap so he can keep track of his stats for better sports training experiences.

These sports bands are, for the most part, integrated with modern functions. These include measuring your heart rate, counting steps while running, or calculating the amount of calorie consumption needed after each hour of exercise. Never before has this device become more essential to your father now.

11. Car polishers

It’s time your dad can refresh his car with a brand new car polish kit. And it will be even more incredible when you can renovate your family car with your dad to make it look new.

12. Gift Cards

Gift cards are also one of the most meaningful ideas for giving Father’s Day gifts. You can give your dad a gym card, Amazon reward card, or membership card for coffee. There are many ideas for you to share with your dad these gift cards on Father’s Day. And indeed, he will be amazed.