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May 04, 2022 4 min read

The pet adoption boom has brought thousands of dogs and cats homes across the country. This is a good thing for the animals in need but for the new pet owners. Studies have found that pets can boost your health in various ways, including reducing anxiety and depression. The perfect personalized pet gift is right here for the pet lover you know. Whether they’ve just adopted a furry baby or they’ve had pets for a lifetime, these gifts will be cherished far into the future.

What kind of items can be found? Everything from cozy throw blankets and pillows printed with a pet’s picture to jewelry and phone covers customized in honor of the recipient’s dog, cat, ferret, fish, chinchilla… Aside from being adorable, most of these gifts are also incredibly affordable. While you’re shopping, check out these other great gifts for dog lovers.

1. Personalized pet portrait

Back in the day, the rich would commission a portrait of their pets. However, thanks to some personalized gifts online stores, you can have a custom illustration of your dog hanging on your wall for as little as $60. This gift can be customized by uploading a photo and choosing the background color, frame size, and frame style (from plain to plaid).

A digital illustrator will do some magic and, two or three weeks later, your artwork will be upon your wall! Here are more excellent gifts for your best friend that will show how well you know each other.

2. Personalized face mask

Face masks are an essential part of daily life, so why not make them more enjoyable? You can personalize them with your pet’s cute mug and select any design theme you want. This mask has adjustable straps that are super comfortable and can, in fact, be washed with your other masks. (For example, you can turn your cat into a unicorn or put your dog alongside pink doughnuts).

3. Personalized storybooks

What do you get a puppy lover on your shopping list? With a book about dogs written about your child’s pup, you can’t go wrong. In Tee4lives, we can explore many adorable books about a dog’s perspective on life. Include the dog’s name and an illustration, and then add fun details such as family members’ names and your own message.

4. Pet phone case

Two of our favorite things are using our phones and showing off our pets, so why not combine the two? Your pet’s photo on a phone case is simply adorable. Send in a picture of your pet and select the background, and you’ll receive sample artwork to approve within a few days.

5. Custom stemless wine glass

Get cozy with your dog and a glass of wine adorned by his cute face for the ultimate in relaxation! Whether you’re drinking wine, beer, or cocktails, this 15-ounce stemless wine glass gives you plenty of room for a sizable pour. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

As the picture is made with UV-cured ink, it will never fade. You can only print one pet per glass, but of course, if you have more than one pet, you can order multiple glasses.

6. Personalized socks

These custom pet socks are available in every color you can think of, so you can wear your heart on your sleeve and your furry companion on your feet. It’s as easy as taking a photo with good lighting of your pet and uploading it. All the hard work will be done by designers, who will place that adorable face in a repeating pattern. You’ll be wearing your pet socks in about a month and for around $15.

7. Personalized dog necklace

You may be surprised by how affordable it is to have your beloved pet turned into jewelry. You can purchase a sterling silver necklace not only shaped like your dog but also with their black-and-white photo engraved on it for less than $30. Even the back of the jacket can be engraved with text.

8. Personalized sequin pillow

Whether you are young or young at heart, this custom flip-sequin pillow will add a touch of fun and whimsy to your home. Enjoy virtual peek-a-boo time with your little one as you choose from a variety of colors.

9. Personalized throw blanket

You probably own a dog blanket – that one favorite blanket that your puppy loves to cuddle under or on. Your loved one can now have a cozy throw emblazoned with their photo. Various sizes and colors are available for these fleece blankets, and they make for great gifts for pet lovers.

10. Personalized welcome mat

Let the world know who owns this house. You can customize your pet’s (or pets’) name and photo on these super fun doormats, which have a heat-resistant, nonwoven fabric top and a neoprene rubber backing.

11. Personalized keychain

The clever keychains are basically tiny custom pillows on a ring that you can use to carry your pet around with you wherever you go. They also make excellent personalized pet gifts because of their low price and high wow factor.

12. Personalized pajamas

You can now sleep with your pet even if you don’t let them into your bed. Featuring black pajamas with a repeat image of your pet’s face on it, these personalized pet pajamas are available to both men and women.

13. Personalized hoodie

If you own this awesome hoodie, you will never have to leave home without your BFF (best furry friend). If you go into the public, be prepared to be stopped by people with “oh how cute!”.” comments just as often as you are when your pet is physical with you.

14. Personalized dog harness

This plaid harness will make your pup look dapper as you walk him around the house. Put his name or monogram in the font and thread color of your choice, and he’ll be the envy of everyone on the block. Don’t you own a harness? Especially if you have a dog that pulls on the leash, one is highly recommended.