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May 05, 2022 4 min read

Expectant parents have a lot on their plates: doctor visits, shopping for baby gear, getting the house ready for a child. On top of that, pregnant women have to endure physical changes.

Suppose you’re shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, a birthday, a baby shower, or just because you want to show your pregnant friend some love. In that case, pregnant women definitely deserve thoughtful gifts that make motherhood as smooth and comfortable as possible!

In addition to sweet baby gift ideas, you may want to consider buying a present for your pregnant friend that focuses on pampering her, or a gift that she can use both now and after the baby is born.

Whether you opt for something practical like a baby book or something more luxurious like a relaxing bath soak or an elaborate gift basket filled with goodies, these gifts for pregnant women are sure to put a smile on her face.

15 Mother’s Day gift ideas for pregnant mom

1. Maternity Robe, Nursing Dress & Baby Blanket Set

New moms love what this robe and nursing gown offer them. It’s so pretty, so classy, and perfect for relaxing. It’s a great option for Mother’s Day gift ideas for pregnant women. It’s extraordinary for mothers who are expecting.

2. Button Up Pajamas

It’s a cute look for tired moms. These sets are perfect for her since she will be wearing pajamas quite a bit after having the baby. Also, button-up pajamas are ideal for nursing moms.

3. Bath Bomb

It would be impossible for a mom to not appreciate a relaxing tub time. Bath bombs are sound, and this one has juniper and rose-scented undertones and delicious wild orange, vanilla bean, and bergamot-flavored undertones.

4. Sleep Mask

A pregnant woman is more likely to wake up every couple of hours to use the bathroom or change positions, which can leave her sleep-deprived. One of these luxurious sleep masks will help her doze right back to sleep and enjoy the sleep while she can.

5. Day Spa Bundle

There’s nothing every pregnant mama wants more for Mother’s Day than a day at the spa. So much is going on in her body that it can cause some discomfort, so some pampering will really help her feel better. This day spa bundle is sure to do the trick!

6. Mama Bee Belly Butter

Her body is changing as she becomes pregnant. So ensuring her skin stays moisturized during her nine-month stretch is essential. This belly butter is specially formulated to nourish and moisturize skin during this time.

This fragrance-free formula contains a blend of Cocoa, Shea, and Jojoba Butters to maintain her belly’s softness and smoothness before and after pregnancy. No phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS.

7. Supergoop Glow Stick

This Glow Stick is exactly what she needs to protect her skin from the sun. She’s undoubtedly glowing already with her baby in the oven. But with this brightening, moisturizing formula, it’s sure to deliver that healthy glow without leaving behind an oily residue.

The moisturizer works amazingly well to restore the moisture balance in the skin. It protects against UV rays while restoring radiance, also making it an excellent choice for pregnant women.

8. Bais Black Candle

A Diptyque candle is one of the best. This delicious scent will brighten her day every time she lights it. It will also remind her of her special Mother’s Day.

9. Celfie Vase

If you know someone who loves flowers or is a green thumb, this vase is for them. It would be so sweet if you bought her this vase with soil and seeds inside that will grow into something beautiful, just like the beautiful baby she’s growing.

10. A Good Book

As the pregnant mom prepares for her big meeting with the baby, these books will inspire, calm, and help her take care of herself. They are great reads and perfect coffee table books.

11. A Planner

As she prepares for her new arrival, her schedule is getting busier. Keeping organized is the best way to keep track of those special days and to stay sane. This adorable week-by-week agenda is a great option.

12. Something to Wear

Dresses are a favorite for moms, especially with summer approaching. These are breastfeeding-friendly, so she can wear them while pregnant and beyond! She will pick one of these pieces as her quick and easy go-to in her closet.

13. New Purse

It is always a good idea to give a bag as a gift. Now you have options for a clutch, crossbody bag, and tote bag. In fact, these make good gifts both for pregnant women and non-pregnant women.

14. Jewelry

What girl doesn’t like jewelry as a gift? Show her that you love her and appreciate all she’s doing by getting her something extra special. This initial necklace will make her swoon, and this mama script ring will definitely steal her heart.

She will love both of these! These are perfect Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant mothers. If she already knows the baby’s name, think about giving her the initial of the term.

15. Non-Alcoholic Champagne

The holiday should be celebrated! And since she can’t have real champagne, this fabulous non-alcoholic champagne by Ready to Pop will make her giddy. So pop open that bubbly and cheers!