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May 02, 2022 5 min read

Every son always wants to have the opportunity to express their love for their mother. She has always been by our side and accompanied us from childhood to adulthood. Despite choosing a suitable gift for mothers seems simple, it's not easy for sons. Some websites specializing in Mother's Day last-minute gift ideas are willing to help you save more time choosing the best gifts for your mother.

To help boys have more choices to find the most meaningful gift for Mother's Day, the following 20 ideas for giving mom gifts from a son below hope to help you.

15 mother's day gift ideas from son

1. Personalized T-shirts

On Mother's Day each year, many sons look for personalized T-shirts with lots of love printed to send to their mothers. These shirts have a dynamic design with a round neck, short sleeves, and youthful colors. A unique feature is that you can print the beautiful photos you took with your mother on these T-shirts or simply the wishes that express your love for her. Your gift will touch her heart.

personalized t shirt for mother

2. Personalized mugs

You have observed that your mother loves to enjoy a hot tea or coffee in the early morning, then let's choose a personalized mug for her right away. These mugs are similar to ordinary drinking cups that we often see. The difference is that they are personalized based on the idea of the giver. You will print on these personalized mugs with words to express your love for mom. Or you can print a picture of your mother on this gift, which promises to bring her full of surprises.

Our first Mother's Day

3. Personalized tumblers

You want hot or cold water to always be ready with your mother during your travels. Plan to give her a unique and meaningful personalized tumbler right away.

Like the mugs, you can completely personalize this tumbler with any idea you want for mom. The tumbler's surface is also more expansive than the personalized cup, so it's easy to print any message for your mom.

Tumbler for Mother's Day

4. Personalized bedding sets

Like personalized blankets, the blanket and pillow cover is also indispensable in any bedroom space. It is also possible to personalize your mother's bedding set as you did with these pillow covers.

5. Tech devices

Boys are often curious and curious to explore technology products. So why not take advantage of that to choose a suitable gift for your mother's day. You can decide to give her a new smartwatch or a brilliant band to assist her in easily monitoring her health.

Don't forget to be ready to support her so that you can use your gifts more effectively. Your mother will be much happier when she can easily use this technology device with her son's help.

6. Photo frames

The photo frame is one of the gifts that show many memories between you and your mother. You can personalize this photo frame by placing shared photos between you and your mother inside the frame. Or decorate your picture frame with words containing the love message you want to give to your beloved mother.

7. Plant pots

It would be surprising and meaningful if suddenly appeared a lovely plant with loving wishes from her sons on your mother's desk.

You will surely know which plants your mother loves. Or sometimes the surprise comes from the new plants you want to give to your mother. You can also personalize these potted plants with printing on the pot surface, making your mother happier and happier.

8. Gardening tools

Is your mother a gardener? And have you always wanted to save her more time in this gardening process? Do not hesitate to surprise her by giving her a gardening kit right away.

Garden supplies are often varied. You can choose from the essential, popular gardening products or more modern tools to help develop garden productivity.

gardening tools

9. Beauty care devices

Girls will have more knowledge and experience choosing beauty care products than boys. Of course, your mother can know some popular beauty tools, such as face massage tools and face cleansing tools, but she's afraid to use them because she feels she lacks experience. You can also ask your wife or girlfriend to get advice on choosing suitable beauty care devices to suit your mother's needs best.

Before choosing any beauty care device as a gift for Mother's Day, you should also take some time to research the use, manuals, and utilities that these devices bring.

10. Books

As a boy, you will probably know what kind of books your mother loves to read cookbooks, gardening books, psychological books, novels. And choosing a book as a gift for mom is easier than ever.

It won't take long for you to order and receive a book delivered from Amazon. But it would help if you also took some time to wrap it up with gift wrapping paper in the right colors. By doing that, your gift will become more meaningful.

books for mom

11. Fresh flowers

Those are the fresh flowers dedicated to Mother's Day, simple but still meaningful.

Flowers are symbols of beauty. Giving your mom a flower with loving wishes will make her happier. You can choose lilies and carnations. Those are popular flowers symbolizing beauty.

12. Gift boxes

Gift boxes are often quite diverse. You can even mix a lot of products in this gift box. The popular gift boxes are cosmetic sets because many brands also market gift boxes every birthday, Mother's Day, or Christmas.

Not only limited to cosmetic items, but these gift boxes also include essential oil jars and skincare masks. The unique feature is that these boxes are luxuriously designed to make a meaningful gift for your mother.

13. Pets

A lovely pet will make an excellent gift for your mother. A pet will be a companion and bring your mother more joy.

First, to choose an adorable and suitable pet for your mother, you should consider whether your mother is allergic to dog or cat hair. Then you can go with your mother to buy a pet that she likes. There is no better gift than that.

14. Jewelry

You may not have too much experience choosing women's jewelry, don't worry too much about it. Many online shops currently specialize in selling jewelry as gifts for mothers, wives, or girlfriends on essential occasions. Besides, these jewelry sets are personalized by giving messages of love to their mothers.

jelwery for mom

15. Sports equipment

If you want your mother to strengthen her health, there is nothing better than sports equipment. You can send your mom a yoga mat, dumbbells, or a pair of shoes for your mother to run freely. To choose a suitable exercise device as a gift for your mother, you also need to consider what sport your mother is currently practicing to select the right product.