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May 05, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for your boss, it can be daunting, especially if you want to give them something more than the usual coffee mug or bottle of wine. You want something original, memorable, maybe even fun!

Find 20 unique gift ideas for your boss that are fun to give. Your gift-giving skills will put you in their good graces, and you might even get a promotion.

20 Father’s Day gift ideas for boss to impress him

1. Motivational Office Decor

You didn’t wake up to be mediocre, neither did they. This print celebrates the spirit of excellence. Give your boss something motivating to take a look at during a long conference call.

2. Meeting Hating Socks

Choose these funny, irreverent socks to share the sentiment we have all had at some point or other. Share your hatred of meetings loud and proud, and let your feet do the talking.

3. Coffee Gift Basket

The boss who isn’t potent will ruin the day. Put your boss’s favorite coffee supplies in a container that serves as a countertop basket to keep everything organized.

4. Like A Boss Laptop Sleeve

The rose gold laptop sleeve is trendy right now, and it will protect your boss’s prized mobile devices. You can even personalize it with initials.

5. Golf Tee Mason Jar Gift

You could use these golf tees in a mason jar decorated with construction paper, golf ball stickers, and a golf ball to encourage your boss to take some time off. Just add a golf ball to the lid, and you’re done!

6. A Jar of Happiness

Put a little happiness in someone’s day! Fill a mason jar with color and spread some cheer with a cute printable tag and ribbon.

7. Leatherback Writer

Here’s a stylish portfolio that’s perfect for the executive on the go. It holds a notepad, an iPhone, pens, and paper, all in a convenient and professional package.

8. Homemade Cherry BBQ Sauce In A Mason Jar

Try making a great sauce and jarring it. For example, roast cherry BBQ sauce and include a thoughtful tag.

9. The Treat Yo Self Jar

Make your boss feel better with a jar of spa goodies. Your boss works hard, so give them a gift to reward themselves.

10. Manly Gift Baskets

Even though he’s the boss, he’s still one of the boys. Put together a masculine gift basket with items he’ll love in a manly package. Think BBQ supplies, sports-themed items, or his favorite beer.

11. Cactus in a Teacup

Give a cactus that is nearly impossible to kill. They can forget to water it, and it won’t hurt it. Put potting soil, small rocks, and a succulent plant into a vintage teacup.

12. Natural Spa Gift Basket

You can personalize this organic spa gift box with your choice of delightful bath-time relaxation goodies for a thoughtful gift.

13. Leafy Resin Paperweight

If you can’t hold down the fort, help them keep their paperwork in place with this DIY paperweight. You’ll need a casting mold, resin, some leaves, epoxy, mold release conditioner, pigments, sealers, and these detailed instructions to make this nature-inspired gift.

14. Driftwood Leadership Sign

These driftwood signs feature inspiring messages that are perfect for any corner office. Lofty ideals are engraved on materials that are down to earth.

15. DIY Snack Basket

Make this basket of treats for your boss a celebration. Fill it with a selection of yellow snack packages that spread a little sunshine. Arrange them in a white basket, then label it with a handwritten or printed label.

16. Coffee Shadowbox

This shadowbox will have you ready for a java-emergency, and it also displays gorgeous coffee beans. If your world revolves around it, so can your wall art.

17. Spell It Out Notepads

With these notepads embellished with Scrabble tiles, it’s the perfect way to show your boss just how much you appreciate them. Personalize it with his or her name.

18. Kind of A Big Deal Travel Mug

Whether they’re on the road or at home, your boss is always on the go. Turn their coffee tumblers into mugs and take their celebration with them.

19. Like a Boss Candle

This candle will brighten your boss’ day and also lets them play with fire without getting burned, so to speak. Let your gift-giving light shine.

20. DIY Bamboo Planter

Bamboo snowballs, like your boss’ appreciation for this heartfelt gift. It’s also lucky, and who doesn’t need a little luck on their side? Add a printable to a potted bamboo plant, and you’re set.