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May 05, 2022 4 min read

Although your first thoughts may be on what to get for Dad, don’t forget about the original father in the family – Grandpa. A customized or DIY Father’s Day gift for Grandpa is an absolute must for the man who loves you so much.

Grandpa has always been there for you since you were born, ready to support and guide you through any life challenges. He never stops spoiling you, so despite what your parents say, give him the gift of a lifetime.

Even though he knows what he wants and needs, Grandpa still doesn’t know how to receive a perfect gift. If you’re struggling to come up with something special for your grandpa, continue reading below for some of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give him.

20 personalized Father’s Day gifts for grandpa

1. Personalized picture frame

Give your grandpa a personalized wooden frame with his favorite color, family photos, or a funny quote that he will love. He can clip his favorite picture of his grandkids to this frame, giving him a place to keep all the pictures he loves.

2. Personalized pillow

Personalizing a plush pillow with Grandpa’s dog’s photo or a picture of his favorite city or landmark will comfort Grandpa. At the same time, he relaxes on his couch or patio chair.

3. Personalized family history photo book

Find some adorable photos of Grandpa as a child, his college days, and pictures of them together as newlywed parents to include in a beautifully designed photo book for him. This will be a great gift that will help him reminisce and remember the good old days.

4. Custom magnet

Make Grandpa a unique gift by making him a personalized photo magnet. Post a collage of pictures of everyone in the family, attach a single photo, or create a calendar magnet for something a little more unique.

5. Photo collage mug

Grandpa is a passionate tea drinker, and a photo collage mug featuring his grandkids will give him a boost every morning at breakfast. Add all the best pictures of his favorite people and watch him use his new mug every day.

6. Monogrammed garden stone

You can personalize a garden stone to say “Pop’s Garden” or etch any favorite quote about nature for a great gift. If Grandpa has a green thumb and spends all his free time gardening, he will love an elegant addition to his home.

7. Double wooden print

You can give Grandpa a centerpiece he’ll love to display on his coffee table or a living room shelf filled with sweet pictures of his grandchildren and kids, as well as a quote about family.

8. Personalized apron

Whether he’s an expert cook or a complete novice, it’s never too late to learn and pursue this fun, useful hobby. Encourage him with a quote like “Best Chef Ever” or a photo of his grandkids enjoying his cooking.

9. Custom growler

A monogrammed stainless steel growler is the best gift for the craft beer lover to keep his drink fresh and flavorful. Choose from black, copper, or silver, then add Grandpa’s initials for a sleek, elegant look that will complement his barware.

10. Unique wind chime

A personalized wind chime will allow the retired grandpa. He enjoys his leisure time sitting on the porch to feel even more peaceful while watching the sunrise. Choose a quote about inner peace and make it your own on the front or back.

11. Monogrammed tea towel

You can add some elegance to his kitchen by monogramming the tea towel or create a pop of color with your family photo. A colorful tea towel is a great gift for grandpa whether he bakes or likes a splash of color in his kitchen.

12. Personalized calendar

Your father will love looking at a personalized wall calendar created with seasonal photos of his grandkids in June, back-to-school attire in September, and Christmas stockings in December. You can even include a picture of your grandparents for the month of the anniversary.

13. Personalized jigsaw puzzle

Personalized jigsaw puzzles of his favorite family photos will give Grandpa something to do when he has downtime or bond with his grandkids. It will be fun for him to work on and to reward to see when it is finished.

14. Custom playing cards

When retirement gets boring, what does Grandpa not like to play cards? Customize his deck with his picture and initials, so he never loses this pack and whips it out every time.

15. Monogrammed wine tote

Your grandfather will adore this elegant monogrammed neoprene wine tote he can use to bring wine to picnics or parties. Personalize it with his name or initials for a professional look. Watch him use it for every dinner party he attends.

16. Unique pint glass

A personalized pint glass is a perfect gift for the grandpa who still enjoys a cold one every now and then. Etch a funny quote such as, “Keep your friends close and your beer closer,” to make Grandpa smile every time he sees the glass.

17. Wood wall art

Create a wooden wall art piece out of the best family photos from your most recent photoshoot as a Father’s Day gift for Grandpa. Help him decorate his bedroom or living room with something artistic and unique.

18. Personalized clipboard

A personalized photo clipboard is a beautiful gift for a grandpa who teaches or a writer who can’t sit still and is always on the go. Customize it with a thought-provoking quote or some adorable photos and remind Grandpa what’s essential.

19. Custom ceramic bowl

Your grandparents already have plenty of dishes, but an additional heartwarming bowl wouldn’t hurt, especially when it’s as unique and sweet as a bowl with photos of his grandkids. He’ll enjoy that bowl to eat his breakfast oatmeal or his favorite soup for lunch.

20. Personalized desk caddy

Keep your grandpa organized with this desk caddy to separate his pens, pencils, cards, sticky notes, and other office supplies. Personalize it with his initials or choose photos of his grandchildren as infants for a nostalgic look.