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  • May 05, 2022 5 min read

    Most of the popular gifts for dad are usually not as gifts for mom on Mother’s Day. There are plenty of ways to make your gift more unique. One of those is personalizing those gifts to be more beautiful, meaningful, and possibly even touching your father’s heart when holding your present in his hand. Nowadays, many stores give you lots of uniquefather’s day gift ideas. You absolutely can choose a product to give to your father in such a memorable time.

    15 unique Father’s day gift ideas

    1. Personalized T-shirt

    A youthful personalized T-shirt with loving greetings for dad will be a very emotional gift. And also a big surprise for him when you give that gift to your father on Father’s Day 2022.

    Your father does not need an expensive T-shirt from big brands, just it is a good quality shirt and gets the design concept with all the affection from his son or daughter. You can also design a pair of shirts for father and daughter or father and son with lovely text printed for each tee.

    You can find the perfect T-shirts for your father atT-shirt collections of VTH Global Store. We have many choices for you. 

    2. Personalized mug

    Is your father a fan of hot coffee or tea when he focuses on working or reading? 

    He probably needs a new mug. You can choose from a personalized mugs collection of VTH Global Store to have a unique gift for your dad as a father’s day gift.

    Personalizing a mug as a gift shouldn’t be too difficult. You can ultimately realize your idea. These samples of love words will make your father much happier. Ourcustom mugs have many cool designs to adapt to your demands.

    3. Personalized blankets

    Although personalized blankets are often more common as gifts for mothers or grandmothers, sometimes personalized blankets are also given to the father. Most personalized blanket gifts on the gift market have a similar design, which is printed with the love message you want to give to your father. It is unnecessary to copy many wishes available on the internet to Dad on Father’s Day.

    Instead, you can feel free to express your feelings, transfer them to text and print it on the blanket you want to give to your father. If you need to make your blanket more unique for sending to your Dad, just contact the VTH Global Store team and we can have the best options for you from ourblanket for dad collection.

    4. Personalized tumblers

    These personalized tumblermodels are like personalized mugs. But maybe your dad will prefer these tumblers if his job requires constant movement. With the tumbler at his side, he will always have enough hot or cold water for a long day at work.

    In terms of personalization, these tumblers are like personalized mugs. Ie you can print bouncing pictures or wishes with loving messages for your dad.

    See ourpersonalized tumblers collection to choose what you love.

    5. Personalized canvas

    Canvas is also a trendy decorative gift in every family and is used as a gift for any loved ones. And of course, you can also give this gift to your dad so he can decorate it right in his office.

    The most important thing is how to personalize canvas paintings?

    You can choose the beautiful photo that you take with my father. Then print it on ourcustom canvas and then give it to your father and say that you love him a lot.

    6. Personalized beer glasses

    If your father is a drinker, then this is the product for him. Drinking beer with lovely, personalized beer glasses from sons, daughters is interesting.

    Currently, on the market, there are many different types of beer glasses. You can choose one or more types of beer glasses, and then you can print the various messages you want to give to your father. He would be surprised because he didn’t think anyone could personalize an ordinary beer glass with such lovely messages.

    7. Sketched portrait photo

    What’s more unique than a portrait of your father?

    Of course, if you’re not an artist, don’t try to do it. The best way is to contact a studio that specializes in making art products such as paintings and photos to do it for you. Just give them one of the portraits you feel is the best of your dad. Don’t forget to pack this portrait into a gift box to surprise your dad. 

    8. Personalized key chain

    Keychains are also an interesting gift-giving idea that you will give to your father. Leather key chains are popular these days, inside which you can insert a photo between you and your father to make this gift even more meaningful.

    Besides, you can completely personalize this key chain with many different words. Some keychains have the words “MY DADDY” and “MY HERO” engraved. You don’t have to print these familiar characters. Feel free to choose the message you want and see ourkeychain collection to send it to your father.

    9. Personalized wallet

    Like a personal keychain, purses are one of your dad’s accessories – just like any other man would love. Of course, your dad already has a wallet, and you worry that he might not need your gift anymore.

    Any gift given from your son or daughter will make your father very happy. To make the gift you give to your father more meaningful, you should choose a compact wallet that is mainly used for your father to store convenient shopping cards. Besides, you can also personalize your father’s wallet by printing the love messages you want to send to your dad. See ourwallet collections at VTH Global store to see which should be given to your father.

    10. Personalized bookmarks

    Suppose your friend is highly interested in reading. In that case, these personalized bookmarks are the most suitable product for you to give him on the occasion of Father’s Day.

    With these lovely brochures, you can easily personalize them with a lot of different ideas. You can print up the father’s photos taken with you with the loving messages you want to send or give to him.

    11. Personalized caps

    A personalized baseball cap for his father’s day?

    It was not a bad idea. And make sure your father will like this hat because they are too lovely.

    There are no differences in how you can personalize these hats compared to personalized T-shirts. It is that you can choose any character to print these hats.

    12. Personalized wine bottles

    For a typical drink like alcohol, the personalization of wine bottles may cause many people to feel confused because they don’t know-how to make them unique.

    Many families choose delicious, attractive, and personalized wine bottles to make gifts for their mother’s day, father’s day. The secret is you first remove the labels of the original wine bottle. Then, you overwrite the new tag, which is personalized in terms of words and images, so they become closer to your father (or your family). You can also do the same with new wine bottles, and don’t forget to leave them in a gift box to spend unexpectedly for your father.

    13. Personalized photo frame

    An equally meaningful gift is the personalized photo frames. You can nest the photos you take with your father in these frames while printing the border outside the loving message lines you want to give to your father.

    14. Books

    If your father is a bookaholic (or just a book lover), you can choose to give him real books that you can guess that he hasn’t read before. Wrap in this book with an eye-catching and impressive gift wrapping paper to surprise your father. You should also consider what the book line your father loves reading. Surely you will be happy when I constantly read the book you donate during his break. 

    Wrap up

    Father’s day is coming very close, and coming here, surely you know what to buy for your father. Let’s give him a big surprise!