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May 05, 2022 3 min read

This is the first mother’s day you want to surprise your wife, so why not give her a big surprise. Of course, because this is the first time you have given your wife a Mother’s Day gift, you wonder which one to choose. Don’t worry about it, because we have 20 ideas for giving your wife’s first mother’s day to have more choices.

Ten gift ideas for wife’s first Mother’s Day

1. Personalized blankets

What do you think if you give your wife an impressive personalized blanket? Surely she will be amazed because there is such a unique gift in this world. Personalized blankets are just like regular blankets, and the difference is that they are printed in words to convey your message to your wife. You can also print beautiful photos on your blanket that you take with them to make the gift more meaningful. 

2. Personalized mugs

In addition to personalized blankets, the personalized cup is also one of the memorable gifts you can give your wife. These personal mugs are the same as regular mugs, and then you need to print on them the messages you have for your wife. Or simply the picture that you take with your wife is enough to make this cup very meaningful. 

3. Cosmetics

Every woman loves cosmetics. Therefore, choosing for her a set of cosmetics like that is what makes her love. Of course, you are not too knowledgeable about women’s beauty products, so you will find it challenging to buy your wife a cosmetics line like that. You can consult a female colleague or observe what brand of cosmetics her wife is currently using to buy accordingly. 

4. Personalized jewelry

In addition to cosmetics, jewelry is also one of the most popular products by women. And your wife will indeed be surprised because you gave her so many surprises. One of the very easy to personalized jewelry lines is a necklace. The highlight of this jewelry line is the pendant printed on the love line.

5. Garden tools

If your wife is a gardener, give her some lovely gardening tools to provide her with a wonderful gardening moment. Maybe your wife already has these garden tools in the house, but if this is a gift you gave her on her first Mother’s Day, she will be delighted.

6. Personalized cutting board

Is your wife a cooking lover? Give her these personalized and impressive personalized cutting boards. Of course, using these cutting boards is not only to cut food or fruit but only to display food beautifully. In general, the personalized cutting board is also one of the most popular products to give to your wife or mother on Mother’s Day. 

7. Books

If your wife is a book lover, there is no better gift than the books that she often reads every day while enjoying a cup of hot tea or coffee. To buy a good book, you also need to know what kind of book your wife likes to read: psychology books, novels, gardening books, or cookbooks. Don’t forget to wrap this book up with stylish, personalized wrapping paper.

 8. Plant pots

A little green in the family with personality and unique plant pots will make your wife happy. If she is a lover of indoor green spaces, give her green plant pots. Make it a priority to choose a plant that she likes to display indoors.

9. Fresh flowers

Simple yet extremely meaningful, fresh flowers are always present on any special occasion. If you still can’t think of a gift to give to your wife on her first Mother’s Day, choose beautiful flowers. And please note the same-day delivery to your wife as soon as possible.

10. Personalized canvas

Maybe your wife loves the rustic and attractive wall-art. So what are you waiting for without choosing her personalized canvas paintings with impressive love messages printed on these significant personality canvas paintings?

Final thoughts

I know how excited you are to choose to buy a meaningful gift to give to your wife on her first Mother’s Day. Please give her a big surprise with the present you have prepared.