Top 20 popular personalized gifts for dad - VTH Global Store

May 05, 2022 3 min read

Do you want to give something thoughtful and heartfelt this year? Check out these cool personalized gifts for dad. The great list provides something for EVERY dad out there; the hungry, the crafty, the office worker, the well-groomed, the music lover, and of course, the best of the best.

1. Personalised dad book

This personal book includes details such as names, activities, and even the year of his birth. That will make the book a happy read for the little ones, and a touching keepsake as the kids get older.

2. Personalized mug

Obviously, a young girl’s first love is her father, so give him a mug that shows him that he is a valuable part of her life.

3. Personalized BBQ grilling set

Ensure he’s fully prepared for grilling season with this elegant grilling set, which includes a bamboo case to keep the spatula, fork, and tongs safe and clean.

4. Personalized wallet

This soft leather wallet can be engraved with up to 40 words inside, making it the perfect gift for a gentleman.

5. Personalized family member signpost

Chris Crooks created this utterly heartwarming Personalized Family Member Signpost. So no matter if you’ve flown the nest or you’re due to do so soon, or if you have relatives scattered across the globe. You can now all feel just that little bit closer together with this beautiful custom sign.

6. Personalized gold lp record

Although he may not be selling hundreds of thousands of albums, that doesn’t mean he can’t have his own gold record. Music lovers will love this quirky yet thoughtful Personalized Gold LP Record. It’s printed with his name and 5 favorite songs on the playlist.

7. Personalized blanket

A comfy blanket that showcases a family crest reminds you that you have something in ordinary life no matter how you use it.

8. Personalized family hobby art

Every family has different interests, and that’s perfectly fine. Each member is unique, so it’s okay not to always share the same interests. The personalized art piece highlights the different hobbies everyone has in a beautifully unique way.

9. Personalized doormat

Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz famously stated, “There’s no place like home.” Take a page from her book with this customizable doormat because home is truly where the heart is.

10. Personalized message in a bottle

This adorable message in a bottle depicts a father and his children in a field of wildflowers. It comes with a personalized message of your choice.

11. Personalized watch

When it comes to buying gifts for dads, watches are always a good choice, but this year why not go for this beautifully crafted wooden watch, which can be engraved with up to six lines of text?

12. Personalized family recipe board

Almost every family has a secret recipe passed down through generations, so why not permanently etch that recipe into a wooden chopping board for a sentimental family heirloom?

13. Personalized fishing and camping cooler chair

How about your dad? Does he like to fish? We’re sure he would enjoy this Personalized Fishing and Camping Cooler Chair. The days of a warm lunch or old bait are over. Everything can stay fresh in this chair’s inbuilt cooler, not to mention some refreshing beers.

14. Personalized Dopp kit

Men also take care of their appearance, so they need a quality toiletry bag to store all their products in. This distressed leather bag comes engraved with the monogram of the owner.

15. Personalized spatula

It’s impossible to imagine a man who cannot multitask with this piece of kit; featuring a spatula, knife, and bottle opener, this BBQ tool does everything at once.

16. Personalized map cook

Personalized Map Clock – choose any location, so it could be where he came from, where he and your mom met, or maybe even where he has a long-distance friend living – it’ll be sure to make him feel closer.

17. Personalized fishing pail

With this personalized pail, you’ll also have a seat, so fishing trips will never be uncomfortable again. Both adult and youth sizes are available, so he can match with his most minor fishing buddy.

18. Personalized whiskey barrel

Imagine the look on his face when he opens up this unique gift? It’s better than socks, for sure! A personalized whiskey barrel really makes an impressive gift, so if your siblings want to catch up, they’ll need to think outside of the box.

19. Personalized engraved knife

This stunning knife is 100% handmade and makes an impressive addition to any collector’s collection, as it comes plated with 24K gold and silver, before being adorned with beautiful, intricate patterns.

20. Personalized family dance party art

This unique, personalized artwork, which features up to 13 members of the family, including pets, dancing on the dance floor, will have your guests tearing up the floor.