Which are Father’s Day gift ideas for ex husband? - VTH Global Store

May 05, 2022 3 min read

Even if you and your ex-husband no longer travel together, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him a Father’s Day gift. Because he is the father of your children anyway, and it would be great if you were still in a relationship with your ex to support each other in your career. Father’s Day is coming, and you are probably also thinking about giving a present to your ex. I hope our suggestions will help you to find Father’s Day gift ideas for ex husband.

10 Father’s Day’s gift ideas for ex-husband

1. Personalized T-shirt

You think this gift might be too intimate or show too much emotion to your ex. But don’t worry about it. You must choose a suitable message to ensure that when your ex-husband receives this gift, he will not misunderstand and understand the message you want to give him. Avoid printing on these t-shirts photos that you take with your ex-husband (you certainly don’t want that to happen, do you?). 

2. Personalized mug

If you are looking for a popular gift but also unique, you can choose these personalized mugs. The way you personalize this gift is also straightforward. What you need to do is decide to buy a cup at any online gift shop. Then print on this cup the messages you want to give to your ex. Surely he will be delighted and surprised.

3. Personalized tumbler

These personalized tumblers are designed to look like merely personalized mugs. The difference is maybe the tumbler has a broader capacity, so the print surface is more comprehensive so your ex-husband can see what message you want to give him. 

4. Books

If your ex-husband has a habit of reading, why not give him books based on his interests. If you want to choose a safe but suitable gift for your ex, you can give him these books. And of course, do not forget to provide him with a card with meaningful greetings for him. 

5. Gardening tools

If your husband loves gardening, then why not give him a brand new gardening kit. Perhaps your ex-husband will love this kit a lot because, with it, he will save more time and effort in gardening.


6. Coffee machine

You certainly still remember your ex’s drinking habits and want to give him a new coffee machine. Do that right away on this Mother’s Day dip. You can choose from the latest coffee machines with modern functions so that your ex can easily and quickly make a delicious cup of coffee.


7. Personalized wine bottle

Perhaps no man can turn down a fine, fine wine from his favorite brand of wine. You can, of course, personalize these bottles by being able to stick to them the messages you want to give him.


8. Personalized beer glasses

Surely no man would turn down this incredibly personalized gift. How surprised your ex-husband would be when holding this extraordinary gift in his hand. He can’t even imagine why they are in the world.


Final thoughts

It’s not difficult to choose a gift from your ex’s Father’s Day, but you also have to consider carefully not to confuse him when receiving a gift from you. Father’s Day is also a day for us to take care of each other. And what are you waiting for without giving your ex-husband a meaningful gift!