Which are Father’s Day golf ideas in 2021? - VTH Global Store

May 05, 2022 3 min read

If your dad or grandpa loves golf, then congratulations, you already know what to buy for them. Golf is a relatively fussy game about players, so when choosing to buy these golf gifts, you should prioritize the selection of products of good quality and famous brands. Maybe if you are not knowledgeable about the sport, you can ultimately refer to our golf gift-giving ideas on Father’s Day below.

The idea of ​​giving golf gifts is entirely not as complicated as you think. Like other sports, golf also has special equipment to serve players. Clothing, shoes, golf bags, most importantly golf clubs, all are indispensable items for golfers.

10 Father’s Day golf ideas in 2021

1. Golf caps

This cap is one of the indispensable accessories for those who have been pursuing golf. Since golf is an outdoor sport, hats are needed to protect the player’s head from sun damage.

For golf hats, you can completely personalize your ideas. Since this is a gift from Father’s Day, your father will love it and receive it with all his love.


2. Golf bag

Players use golf bags to store essential items during the game, such as sunscreen or other golf accessories. Most of these golf bags have an incredibly luxurious, stylish, and impressive design.

If you want to choose the right golf bag for your father or grandpa, you also need to research some more popular fashion golf bags today. Then it would help if you chose a luxury, high-quality golf bag for your father.


3. Golf shoes

Like many other sports, golf requires a specific type of shoe to play. If you think you can choose any pair of sneakers and your dad can take it to golf, that’s completely wrong. Therefore, you need to pre-research the popular types of golf shoes. And do not forget the size of your father’s feet but choose a shoe like that.

4. Golf gloves

One of the indispensable accessories for golfers is gloves. The reason players need to use gloves to protect their hands from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. At the same time, it also feels better to hold the golf club than in case the hands are sweaty. It would help if you considered choosing gloves with luxurious designs, suitable materials, and durability for your father to use for a long time.


5. Sunscreen

Golf is a 100% outdoor sport. So equipping a bottle of sunscreen to protect the skin is essential. If your dad is not using sunscreen to play golf, you should convince him to use it first because of its highly outstanding advantages. To choose a suitable line of sunscreen products, you need to consider your father’s skin type to choose the right product.


6. Personalized tumbler

How happy and happy your father would be when using the personalized tumblers given by his son or daughter. With these tumblers, he can comfortably hold drinking water to use during his golf course. Of course, you can personalize these tumblers according to your ideas. You can simply print out the loving messages you want to give your dad or print pictures that you take with your dad.


7. Smart devices

For any sport, what you need is to be able to measure how the sport improves health. Thanks to the smart band, or smartwatch, you can know how many steps you walked during the sport, how many calories burned. Perhaps your father will need these devices for his golf game.


8. Monthly golf magazine subscribe

Perhaps your father will need to constantly update the necessary information about the game to enhance his experience after each golf session. Get him an application for monthly golf magazines from world-renowned publishers. He would be delighted with this memorable gift from you.


9. Golf clothes

Just like any other sport, clothing is one of the indispensable parts of perfecting the sport. Choosing golf clothes is also relatively complicated because you will not know what size your father usually wears to select a good gift.